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A brief introduction to Mehrgan Ideh Hooshmand A brief introduction to Mehrgan Ideh Hooshmand

Design, implementation, support

A brief introduction to Mehrgan Ideh Hooshmand

Mehrgan Ideh Houshmand IT inc. is strategically placed in one of Canada's most dynamic regions for retail and technology. Moncton, known for its vibrant tech sector, is a hub for various industries including retail, tourism, agriculture, and fishing, contributing to the province's economy. The province is home to approximately 812,061 people as of 2023

  • Exclusive design

    All the presented designs are produced exclusively according to the type of activity, brand and your budget

  • Professional coding

    All software and application coding steps are done in a completely standard way and under the supervision of experienced programmers, and the system and security testing steps are done according to the latest international standards.

  • Detailed support

    After completing the software, application and website production stages, it is time for support, which is one of the strengths of Mehrgan Idea Smart Company.

Morteza Soltanpour
Morteza Soltanpour


How we works

Decision making

Have you decided to change? Do you want to have a professional website? It is not difficult

Get advice

With the first call, you will benefit from our telephone consultation and we will help you to choose

The right design for you

According to your needs, your completely exclusive and customized design will be planned and execute

performing project

The stage of coding and designing the website and software will be done using the latest internation


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? this is first question

Your web design and programming is done with the latest version of Microsoft's official language and platforms called asp.net core. This platform is one of the most secure programming platforms in the world, most large sites such as bank websites, financial and government sites, where security is very important, use this programming language.

After the completion of the production process of your project, you will be given a 1-month testing period, during which you will see any problems or even any changes you want will be made completely free of charge. Also, after that period of 3 months, you will get free support from us. After this time, if you wish, you can use professional support packages.

The duration of a software project completely depends on the type of project, its features and the scope of that project. In general, it takes about 3 weeks to complete standard and corporate websites, and large software projects such as CRM or ERP systems may take up to 6 months.

Yes. The development and improvement of software systems is an inherent matter in this field, and considering that in Mehregan company, all projects are produced in a completely exclusive and dynamic manner, there is always the possibility of improvement, development and change in them.

In the stages of producing and designing websites, compliance with the website's compatibility with search engines such as Google is always the focus of the design and development team. Also, because the algorithms of search engines are always changing and improving, the SEO expert team together with the development team examines and analyzes the site, uses the latest standard tools, and the site inspection reports and the scores obtained in terms of It will provide you with search engines.


We got our power with

Our mission


Mehregan Ideh Hooshmand IT Inc. is committed to bridging the technological divide for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) within the retail industry. Our mission is to provide quick-to-deploy, affordable, and high-quality technology solutions that enable Retail SMEs to operate efficiently, innovative continuously, and compete effectively in a technology-driven marketplace.

Our vission


We envision a future where SMEs in the retail sector are empowered by technology to achieve operational excellence, enhanced customer engagement, and sustained growth. Through our expansion into the Canadian market, we aim to become a leading technology solutions provider in the region, setting the standard for speed, affordability, and quality in web development, enterprise resource planning, digital transformation, and cybersecurity.

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